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My style has been described as abstract expressionism and surrealism centering mainly on the use of bold colors and deep textures and reflects my architectural background. Being an avid reader, many pieces feature themes from science fiction,  fantasy as well as classical stories. I am enthralled as the bead of turquoise crosses the canvas strong and true, and intercepts with the red stroke I had laid down previously. The act of two distinct colors coming together to form infinite combinations, still captivates me. The riding theme of 'juxtaposition' is prevelant in much of my work. I usually paint flat and use thicker acrylics to create the impasto effect in many of my paintings.

Jemini Design

About Frances R. Jemini
I grew up watching my mother create art out of paper, cardboard, fabric, oil paints - you name it - and have thus tended towards artistic interests my whole life. It led me to study architecture at Virginia Tech, which is where I began creating acrylics and mixed-media artwork.

Frances Jemini

I currently reside in Georgia and have been influenced by many local artists to incorporate avant-garde materials into my work. My multi-media designs and artwork consist of found-objects including cardboard, sheet vinyl, plastic, old credit cards, string and lots and lots of metal. In addition, I have begun using acrylic paint pens for more detail and expressive accents.

            - FJ         

Jemini Design
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