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Fun With Old Credit/Gift Cards!

Since I sold out of all of the credit/membership/gift card up-cycled artwork I had 'in stock', I am busy making more.

I start out by cutting most of the pieces and then overlay them to get a sense of where the holes are and what building shapes I'm missing. I don't start compiling and adhering until I have all the pieces I want. I haven't completed any yet, but see the photos below for how one piece is looking so far.

Also! I have been cutting quite a few notable builing silhouettes to create custom skylines. Email me to commission the skyline of your choice! Altanta? DC? New York? Seattle? Sydney? London?

I have been working for the past few days on a few additional skylines. Check out the newest one i have completed (below.)

#Skylines #Cityscapes #Silhouettes #CreditCards #upcycledartwork


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