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Creation of "Saw The Reaping"

I painted the background of this piece last year. And there it sat... ... ...

Until, about two months ago in a stroke of creativity, I added the reddish pink swirl. The piece came alive to me then! I felt the inherent movement of the piece happen almost as I painted the strokes themselves.

Here it is against my display wall, i.e. my library - where I display all my newly painted pieces.

I love the movement of the piece. In adding some greens and browns to the base, I was able to add to the 'reverberation' rings which only increase the feelings of movement within the piece.

Last month I got a chance to visit a flea market and had some really good finds, filling out my found-metal inventory greatly! On a recent trip to Atlanta, some good friends of mine supplied me with a box full of found-metal from the warehouse they just opened a business in. (Thanks Ellen and Paul!) Therefore, I finally felt like I had the interesting pieces I needed/wanted for this piece.

Here it is with just the barest amount of additions. Since I have to bend (or rather unbend) much of my metal pieces, it's a slow process to achieve an arrangement I find pleasing.

Stay tuned, as I am adding to this piece almost daily!


I added some more...

And some more... I knew I was getting close...

And here it is after a night of final tweaking and minute adjustments. I love the intricacies!

Now all I need to do is add the hours and hours of work of detailed acrylic paint pens to make the wonderful moments within the piece POP!

If you're interested, I am always open to ideas when naming my pieces. I like the idea of having 'saw' or 'sawblades' in the title, but are there any ideas you might have? I would love to hear them :)

I know it's been a while, but here is the progress I have made on this piece. Getting close to complete!!

So, after many many months, "Saw the Reaping" is finally complete!! It's been over 30 hours of work and many moments picking up random metal from construction sites, gutters and parking lots, but it's finally complete.

Hooray for making art out of trash!

**Thank you to my friends Ran and Eli who helped me name it! Gifts are forthcoming!! :)

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