Sculpture Work

I started out long ago as a child, folding origami. During college I began intricately cutting and gluing paper and cardboard together to create spatial models and such. To continue my material explorations, I frequent junkyards, flea markets and mechanic shops to find interesting materials. Using everything from metal and wood to paper and plastic, these pieces serve many purposes, only one of which is for aesthetics. Mainly, I see them as ideas.

Some of these pieces are for sale - others are not. 

To purchase through Pay Pal, select the image and then click on 'Go to Link'. This will also calculate your shipping and tax. Packaging is already included in the price. Once you provide your address and finalize your purchase, I will send you your artwork in the mail. Otherwise, use the contact tab and message me with questions or purchase requests. Thank you!

© 2011 by Frances R. Jemini​

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