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This broad collection initially began with the idea of juxtaposition that I began exploring during my architectural thesis. It is method of color blending and texture building through seemingly rigid patterns and strokes achieving a very textural and complex result. Ranging from various deconstructed views of juxtaposition, certain pieces take on more fluid and unexpected themes while others explore bright and definite concepts. Many of my pieces utilize palette knives creating intriguing variations of thin and thicker lines and strokes giving the compositions edgy and bold aspects. In addition, I enjoy utilizing acrylic paint pens to provide detail and patterning to combine with the broad, bold, colorful strokes sometimes in order to achieve an almost comic-book, graphic-novel style.

To purchase through Pay Pal, select the image and then click on 'Go to Link'. This will also calculate your shipping and tax. Once you provide your address and finalize your purchase, I will send you your artwork in the mail. Otherwise, use the contact tab and message me with questions or purchase requests. Thank you!

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