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Found-Object Mixed Media & Mosaics


This multimedia collection exhibits my use of everything from sheet vinyl and credit cards to cardboard, metal and string. From mechanic shops to flea market finds, and from construction sites to junk drawers, I find metal and plastic pieces everywhere. I am also gifted interesting metal pieces from friends and family and am always looking for more! In addition, either by weaving two painted compositions together or painting museum board, then cutting it up and putting it back together, I create bright compositions and mosaics. I love to tile almost anything such as old gift, membership and credit cards. With string I am able to create distinct variations of color and texture and when the string is removed during drying, the negative space left behind creates ridges and patterns in the composition.

To purchase through Pay Pal, select the image and then click on 'Go to Link'. This will also calculate your shipping and tax. Once you provide your address and finalize your purchase, I will send you your artwork in the mail. Otherwise, use the contact tab and message me with questions or purchase requests. Thank you!

Mixed 1
Mixed 2
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