• Frances Jemini

Making "The Tower"

This all started with these random pieces of found metal...

...and this blank canvas and an idea.


After painting the metal pieces, I began work on the background canvas colors. I painted the sky and landscape in oranges, reds and yellows - as if the world was a "Wastelands" or as if the world had "moved on."

Each time I completed a step on the background, I was compelled to re-layout the metal to get an idea of how it was going to look and to determine if I needed to change or edit anything.

The next step was to paint all the "devil grass!"


After all the grass, I had to paint all the red roses.





Finally, I was done detailing the hundreds of red and gold roses and I was able to complete the gold imagery of the six beams "that hold up all the worlds."


At last it was time to adhere all the layers of metal to achieve the 3-D effect of the Dark Tower that "Stands at the Heart of All Worlds."

Here are several close-ups of the different symbolic items I added into the design.

If you're not a Stephen King fan, you might not understand all the symbolism, but the Dark Tower series is a fantastic, epic saga and the imagery reflected in my artwork, illustrates the lush, compelling and wonderful tale Sai King weaves.

Long days and pleasant nights...

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